Thursday, June 9, 2011


I was born in 1975 in Ogden, Utah. I grew up in Montana, and landed in Alabama. Huh! Go figure? I have experienced many cultures and traveled throughout the country and world. All of the observations created by this experience have provided an indisputable awareness - a testimony - that although people come in a vast variety of beautiful "packages"... no matter where we stand in this world, we are the same. We are the same - divinely created with a divine purpose. We ARE brothers and sisters on a common journey, and without one another... we would be incapable of survival. When we serve one another, we improve one another, and when we improve one another... we find ourselves "whistling along the way".

On Reflection...

I think there comes a time in every human being's life when they experience an intimate and personal clarity of mortal purpose. For some people it manifests very early in life... they are destined for greatness and somewhere deep within the infinite potential of their soul, the awareness exists. For others... it evolves through experience... experience, both good and bad, molds, shapes, and defines exactly "WHO" we are. This has been on my mind a great deal. It seems like yesterday that I was a little girl with pigtails... annoying my older brothers, playing with Barbie dolls, making mud pies, and having dirt clod wars in a valley nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Montana... a place I call home. I woke up today to the realization that I am a middle-aged woman... nearing the top of the mountain and facing the "half-way" mark of my existence. Many would find this prospect depressing. Many talk of "mid-life crisis" and the fear of making their way "over the hill" so-to-speak. I don't feel depressed or anxious, and I don't feel a need to validate myself through the eyes and opinions of others. Instead, I find myself engulfed by moments of introspection and reflection. My thoughts settle on memories and experiences from the past... all that I have learned, and I am excited about all that I have YET to learn. God has blessed me with experience. The most notable experiences have been traumatic, devastating, and depressing. These experiences (like a harsh wind that burdens an oak tree) have tested my faith and forced me to grow in ways that - at the moment - seemed unimaginable. My spiritual roots run deep and my innate compassion for others knows few bounds. What a gift... what a truly beautiful gift. This blog is about life... my life. It's about living, growing, learning the value of humility, and becoming (not rich, famous, or beautiful)... It's about becoming "ME" and wondering exactly who "ME" will be when I reach this journey's end.

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